Snowy Times in Whitstable

Yikes alive!  Its nippy today, its been snowing in Whitstable the past week!  All the little electric heaters are on and we are jumping around in Jumpers trying to thaw out.  Just when we were feeling slightly drab after downing the 7th cup of tea we got an LCD Soundsystem boost courtesy of Frank and Betty Lou, hit it dawwwg(s).


Places to buy second hand furniture near Whitstable

Buying second hand is of course part of the very essence of being eco; rather than stoking demand for further production, give preloved items  a new home!  Generally second hand means you have transported “the thing” home yourself (often from near by) and there is no packaging…  This contributes to a lower carbon footprint, and also results in a house or apartment with a bit more character.  Check out apartment therapy for inspiration on how to turn some old, into something new!

Near to our project, there are plenty of places to get fantastic retro and vintage items, Valentines  and the Ribbon (for Fashion) are just the ticket, people like Mick and Karen Stacey really know how to put old bits and bobs together to make them look fab.  However, bargain hunters like Laura I like to head further up the food chain, i.e. buy from the kind of places that the vintage shops source from.

The Ribbon Whitstable

The Ribbon, Whitstable

So far we have checked out Faversham Flea Market which runs each Sunday, Standard Key (where is runs), also hosts Aladdins Loft which is great for Kitchenware, loads of branded jugs from the past and plenty of Le Creuset – plus its open most days.  The Pilgrims Hospice Warehouse in nearby Chartham is amazing for all sorts of bargains, as is the branch in Whitstable itself, last time I popped in I picked up a fab gents brolly for two quid.  Hopefully in future more cool furniture will turn up.  As we find places to source from, we will share links to maps or websites in our Blogroll.