A Room With A View

The Eco Houses bathroom used to be the small box room / third bedroom, Laura made it pretty clear from the start that despite the potential to devalue the house by dropping a bedroom, she wanted an upstairs bathroom. Paul being slightly more cautious was not initially so keen, but in hindsight it was a great decision. The bathroom looks out the rear of the property which sits against a nature reserve. This means minimum light pollution and amazing star gazing.

This further helped by the new triple glazed windows that both open the full width of the window, its like having a bath outside which is amazing!

Eco Products Fitted

The below list shows you the companies whose products we fitted in this room and why they were selected.


A Contemporary Bathroom

We chose Clearwater to supply our bath and basin as they have a beautiful range and their parent company (UK Bathroom Brands) care about the environment. Our baths clever design means that it retains heat for up to 30 minutes longer than other baths. 30% of it is also recycled from other materials. We could not recycle our old bath as it got cracked during the demolition process.


Multi-room Wireless Music

We do not have an actual Sonos device in this room, but the ceiling mounted speaker is connected to a Sonos Connect device hidden else where in the property. These means no more rubbish bathroom radio and no more need to replace batteries.


Multi-room Wireless Thermostats

We have installed Heatmiser touchscreen thermostats throughout the eco house, each controlling a specific rooms underfloor heating. In order to reduce the number of units installed in the property we decided to select the PRT2-NTS. This actually controls the temperature or both the bathroom and the second bedroom from one panel. It cleverly does this by having a probe that sits behind a semi sealed 1 gang face place in the bathroom.


Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating made a lot of sense for us to install as no radiators existed in the house when we moved in. Additionally there was no insulation under the floor boards – so they needed to come up anyway. The National Energy Foundation quotes that up to 10% of heat can be lost through a houses floor, it felt like last winter (2012). We chose Timo Leon as they offer an open system that works with other companies products – in our case Timo Leon. There customer service has also been fantastic, shipping parts next day.


Eco Wall Paint

We chose Mylands paint because it is eco friendly and has the highest opacity on the market, the colour that we selected for the bathroom was called The Boltons, a lovely light grey.


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