Sarah Beeny Visits Our Eco House

Sarah Beeny Visits Our Eco House

Evening all! We are excited to announce that Our Eco House will soon be seen on the small screen by 2 million people courtesy of Sarah Beeny’s popular Channel 4 TV show, Double Your House for Half the Money.   In fact it is on the small screen tonight at 8pm.  This is our first blog post since our first day of filming that happened back in April, the production company imposed a curfew because they did not want us to give the plot away – fair enough some people are bad at keeping things under wraps.

Certain teller regarding how our build will get cut suggest that we may be portrayed as letting our hearts rule over our minds. Personally I don’t think we have a problem with that, as that’s why we moved to Whitstable and bought a cheap little house. Its all about having a small mortgage, low running costs and as much freedom and flexibility as possible – hang on that almost sounds commercially saavy…

The behind the scenes gossip is that Sarah’s got her head screwed on, family is a priority and and once the clock strikes home time she’s off like a bullet from a gun. I don’t blame her; life must be busy with four children and two concurrent shows to shoot!

Stay tuned for site updates including photos, details on what products have been used where and details of how we plan to fine tune the place.  There are  a number of little projects still to complete – we plan to build a garden room with a bathroom and wee kitchen when we get a chance…


6 thoughts on “Sarah Beeny Visits Our Eco House

    • Hi Linda, let me get back to you on that, we borrowed as it happens! We are planning to add a floating shelf for cook books and other bits, but did not get time to do it before filming.

  1. Hi,
    Absoulety loved your extention! I also have a terrace 30s house in Deal and am hoping to extend on a budget. Can you tell me which builders you used and how you kept costs so low? Many thanks Beth.

    • Hi Beth, thanks for the message, we love our new space. We had to make some compromises and do some work ourselves. If you want some deeper info let me know and I will email you some more details about how we managed it. We will be posting more photos up and content when time allows.

      Cheers Paul

  2. Hi Paul
    Loved the finished space you created, for so many uses.
    can you please tell me where the Eco show house that you visited is? I’m trying to locate where to source the gesso wall finish that was up-lit by floor lights.
    Many Thanks

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