The Eco Caravan You Can Self-Build

Whilst browsing for some FSC certified furniture (harder to find than you would think) I stumbled across this interesting little mobile space

The Leaf House is the creation of Laird Herbert from Whitehorse, Canada, this portable home takes up a small amount of space, is big enough to live in comfortably, and reportedly accommodates a family of four.

Designed to withstand the cold Canadian climate, Leaf House Version.2 (there were earlier attempts) is a custom built, fully self-contained portable home, it has been constructed using Forest Stewardship Certified (FSC) timber, recycled materials, natural finishes and eco-friendly building products.

The home is built on top of a trailer base, it features a living area with sofa bed, raised sleeping quarters, fully functional kitchen, bathroom with a compact bathtub and an open dining area. Furthermore, the home features many self-sustaining elements including a composting toilet, propane tankless hot water system, propane GE cooker and a half fridge  The lighting is LED and the water is held in a 35-gallon (132-liter) storage unit.

Incorporating a tin roof, the home’s design elements are simple enough to blend in with its surroundings. Pack some portable deck chairs and outdoor furnishings, and you can create an extended exterior living area!

Leaf House Version.2 is currently on the market for CAD$44,500 (£28,500), which is a steal if you take into consideration that it cost Herbert CAD$40,000 to build. If you are reading this from the other side of the world shipping this shed may not be practical.  Thankfully for you self-builders out there the plans are available to buy here

What do you think? I love the cute Kitchen!