Couchcruising: Luxury Part-time Bedrooms Part 1 of 2

Hello, thanks for stopping by, have you heard of the website Couch Surfing? It’s been around for years, Paul and I were tipped off by my brother Lee before we went travelling in 2007. The basic idea is that you offer your couch to passing guests and in return you’re offered a couch when travelling in other parts of the world. Sometimes you actually get the floor, or a surprise upgrade to a bed, but normally you get something with cushions hiding various exotic detritus!

Kid on surfboard on couch - is a metaphor!

When living in London (or other expensive cities) the same principle applies. When you’re in your twenties, unless you still live with your folks (it has its benefits!) or you have a particularly well-paid job you will probably be sharing a house with other people. Therefore the only space you will have for random vagabonds needing somewhere to crash for the night is your front room.

We sat thinking about this for at least 2 flat whites in Windy Corner on Sunday afternoon. Currently our wee terrace sports three bedrooms, a decent size master, a just about double, and a box room. Before committing to turning the box room into an upstairs bathroom, we mulled over what the impact on holiday rentability would be, also, did we not need the space for visiting friends?

After sharing a piece of millionaires shortcake (precisely because we are not minted) we realised that we don’t have people staying with us each week, and we don’t plan on having scores of children in future. Therefore do we really need to be able to sleep 6 permanently? Paul suggested we check the ever-reliable apartment therapy and remodelista for inspiration. Straight away we came across brilliant articles on Murphy Beds and sofa beds, we mentioned this to my mum and she pointed out that with the downstairs wet room and separate toilet the front room was the perfect part-time bedroom. Yay a decision was made, kinda.

At 11’10 x 9’10 (3.61 x 3.00), which part-time bedroom solution will make best use of our soon to be upgraded front room? The three key options we will explore in a latter post are found below, hopefully we can make our own versions or re-upholster some second hand stuff:


A Black Futon

Classic sofa beds

A Large Sofa Bed

Murphy beds / wall beds

A Wall Bed / Murphy Bed

Catch you soon!


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