You wouldn’t normally think of Gatwick Airport as providing inspiration for anything much, it used to be lumped in with the Bullring Shopping Centre (Birmingham) and Streatham High Street as the kind of place you’d never want to spend much time.  Needless to say things change, The Bullring has been re-built and Streatham is now up an up and coming area – something to do with a big Tesco project… 😦

So where can you find inspiration in the North Terminal?  Well Jamies Union Jacks Bar did for me, when I say inspiration, I don’t mean anything spiritual (that happened way back in Patagonia), I mean Kitchenspiration, and thats important, because I love food, so does Laura – I’ve never seen somebody so small happily eat so much!

Why did I like Union Jacks?  Well appart from the fact that they have Chapel Down’s Curious Brew on tap (its getting more well known), for a new bar (in an airport) the design is really nice.  I like the retro tiling, painted boards and metal work surface finishes, I thought that it gave some nice pointers for how some second hand furniture / DIY elements could be combined.  What do you think?

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